French Air Force Recruitment 2020-2021-Application, Dates & Requirements

Official French Air Force Recruitment 2020-2021-Application Form, Requirements and dates-See French Air Force Jobs details

French Air Force Recruitment

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Joining the French Legion

The entire recruitment and selecting process ranges from two– five weeks (in most cases, the precise time depends on each candidate individually). The procedure starts after you pass your passport to a serving legionnaire in a recruiting centre (which could be an information centre or a pre-selection center – which would be stated.

The process ends after you square measure formally accepted or rejected. Throughout the process (from passing the passport to a legionnaire till your acceptance or rejection), free accommodation, food and covering would be provided by the French Air Force.

The candidates having passed all the tests square measure formally accepted or rejected each operating by afternoon. As a volunteer, you’re allowed to request to travel home each morning throughout the whole choice method.

French Air Force: Entry Requirements

What will bear on be a part of the Legion

  • To be a person between 17 years and 6 months39 years and 6 months
  • To have an ID (Identity document)
  • ID Card or a Passport for recruits from the EU
  • PASSPORT for recruits from everywhere the planet
  • To have certificates of birth verified copy (translation into English or French languages preferred)
  • confirmation of the certificate’s copy not older than six months at the period of enlistment
  • you’re allowed to enlist within the Legion while not the certificate similarly, however, the document can facilitate your engagement
  • To be NOT wished by Interpol (NO murders, NO drug trafficking…)
  • To be physically fit  serve the least bit times and all told places round the world, for a minimum of five years
  • To have BMI between twenty and thirty – browse more:
  • To be able to write and browse in your language

What doesn’t bear on being part of the French Air Force

    • Your citizenship (if you’re a Brazilian, Indian, Russian, Japanese subject etc…) doesn’t matter
    • Your race origin doesn’t matter
    • Your faith doesn’t matter
    • Your information / content of the French language doesn’t matter
    • your academic background doesn’t matter
    • your qualifications doesn’t matter
    • your status doesn’t matter
    • your skilled standing doesn’t matter
    • Whether you are single or married or family status doesn’t matter
    • your previous military or non-military background doesn’t matter

French Air Force: Entry Requirements

Psycho-technical tests

    • IQ tests
    • Personality tests

Sports tests

    • Beep take a look at (Luc léger in French, see Multi-stage fitness test; a measured running between 2 points that square measure twenty meters except for aspect to side; running speed is set by audio beeps at set intervals with increasing frequency – you have got to finish a minimum of seven levels)
    • Pull-ups (make a minimum of four pull-ups)

Medical tests

  • you can pass a medical visit
  • be positive you have got healthy teeth (or treated)
  • maximum variety of missing teeth between four and half dozen, betting on the worth of the teeth
  • masticatory constant (to have quite healthy teeth) bigger than or adequate to 40 percent
  • provide medical documentation regarding your previous medical surgery to assure there presently exists no side-effects, as a effects of such surgery – if not, you risk to be sent to the hospital in Marseille to acquire this documentation at your own expense
  • provide medical documentation (health certificate) regarding your previous grave malady to assure there square measure presently no side-effects, as a results of such malady

What to Require with You to the French legion

The number-one rule packing for Associate in the enlistment to the Legion is to pack lightweight.

What you should take with you: 

  • all documents already declared higher than (ID card, …)
  • 3 T-shirts, three briefs and three pairs of socks
  • a combine of trainer/sneaker
  • about 10-50 euro
  • vanity case/toiletries:
  • soap/shower gel
  • razor + lather
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • bath towel
  • bath shoes/slippers

You SHOULDN’T take with you:

  • computer/laptop/tablet
  • camera
  • big quantity of cash (300+ euros/400+ USD)
  • credit cards
  • valuables, jewellery

You MUST NOT take with you: 

  • weapons: gun, knife…
  • car or bike keys
  • house keys

Getting a Visa to France

Traveling and visa (if needed) expenses square measure YOUR responsibility.

If you would like a visa to visit France, apply for a traveler visa (or a brief keep visa).

Tattoo and therefore the French Air Force

For a lot of elaborated data regarding the tattoo policy within the legion see:

French legion Tattoo and Tattoo Policy

Enlisting within the French Legion

The first contract you sign on is for five years.

You will be noncommissioned as one man, even though you’re married.

Once you’re noncommissioned (the same day you knocked on the door), the preselection method starts.

Free accommodation, free food and free covering square measure provided by the Legion throughout the complete pre-selection method.

The whole recruiting method takes (in most cases) two – five weeks. The method starts after you pass your passport to a serving legionnaire recruiting center (either an data workplace or a pre-selection center – see the list below).

The French legion accepts recruits from everywhere the planet. The Foreign Legion’s recruiting centers have to be compelled to be open 24/7/365 (yes, all year long) formally. However, no matter is declared on the Legion’s official web site, achievement within the Legion throughout weekday to Friday between 08:00 AM – 05:00 PM (08.00 – 17.00 h) are going to be a decent choice for you. The smaller recruiting centers may be closed throughout the nights.

You can be noncommissioned in solid ground France only! There’s no alternative approach.

You must travel at your own expense to continental France (in Europe) and play the door of 1 of the French Air Force’s recruiting centers (see the list below) to be noncommissioned in. this can be the sole resolution a way to be a part of the Foreign Legion!

NO on-line applications, NO letters of invite, NO documents at French embassies round the world square measure providing to hitch the Legion.

Recruiting centers: wherever to enlist within the French legion

You can be noncommissioned within the French Air Force in its pre-selection centers (Paris, Aubagne) or in its data & recruiting offices (smaller recruiting centers referred to as PILE). Once you’ve been allowed to be noncommissioned (once your passport/ID cart and your garments are taken away), free accommodation, free food and free covering square measure forthwith provided to you by the Legion.

Get the address, contacts and Google map location of every of the Foreign Legion’s recruiting centers. Note that these centers square measure the sole places, wherever you’ll be able to be noncommissioned within the French legion.

Foreign Legion pre-selection centers

  • Paris
  • Aubagne

You might keep 3-14 days in pre-selection centers (Paris, Aubagne) before enlisting the most choice method in Aubagne (yes, a pre-selection center and therefore the choice center of the French Air Force each square measure run among the Legion HQ of Aubagne).

Foreign Legion data & recruiting offices belonged to Paris

  • Lille
  • Nantes
  • Strasbourg

If a brand new candidat/volunteer has chosen to enlist himself within the Legion in one in all these smaller recruiting centers (PILE) belonged to Paris, he can pass the initial interview and would be lodged there for gratis. Among 1-7 days, these candidats square measure sent with a free ticket to Paris, to hitch the initial pre-selection.

Foreign Legion data & recruiting offices belonged to Aubagne

    • Bordeaux
    • Lyon
    • Marseille
    • Nice
    • Perpignan
    • Toulouse

If a brand new candidat/volunteer has chosen to enlist himself within the French Air Force in one in all these smaller recruiting centers (PILE) belonged to Aubagne, he can pass the initial interview and would be lodged there for gratis. among 1-7 days, these candidats square measure sent with a free ticket to Aubagne, to hitch the initial pre-selection and (if they passed), the crucial choice method.

Career within the French Legion

Any legionnaire will build a career not on college diplomas or skilled or civilian qualifications, however by taking military or technical examinations throughout his service. If you have got smart potential, if you’re actuated, arduous operating and high, the subsequent careers square measure attainable.

Combat Specialities

    • sniper
    • tank driver
    • paratrooper
    • sapper
    • machine artilleryman
    • anti-tank armament
    • armoured vehicle driver
    • and other…


    • secretary
    • accountant
    • data-processing support
    • computer support
    • and other…


    • radio operator
    • radio mechanic
    • telephone exchange operator
    • and other…


    • light vehicle driver
    • truck driver
    • articulated teamster
    • bus driver
    • dredge driver
    • and other…


    • mechanic
    • electrician
    • welder
    • painter
    • small arms skilled
    • and other…


    • paramedic
    • data process specialist
    • physical education teacher
    • graphic designer
    • musician
    • photographer
    • cook
    • and other…

25% of legionnaires can become the non-commissioned officers (N.C.O.). All NCOs within the Legion started as straightforward legionnaires (except for a number of NCOs from the French Army, assigned to some regiments as well-trained specialists).

10% of Legion officers started their career as straightforward legionnaires and emotional through the ranks.

Pay within the French Legion

A legionnaire is clothed, fed, accommodated, and medically cared for. Your earnings also depend on your rank, qualifications and time of service.

Foreign Legion paid examples (most basic monthly earnings; varied tax deductions already included).

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